How we helped SHIMANO streamline their presales


Bicycle component champion SHIMANO asked us to analyse & streamline their Presales Process in the Nordics. We did and achieved staggering results!

When SHIMANO asked us to look into optimising their PreSales process, we were very eager to take that challenge on. The current process was Excel-based and depended on a paper catalogue, an excel sheet, prepared by the sales agent, and a lot of hours for preparing the meeting, gathering the data,  preparing packages to be presented and processing the orders after the sales meeting. The average cost of an order was high and the primary concern of the sales agent was to administrate the sales. 

We agreed to define and run a pilot in the Nordics first, to validate the solution & the assumed benefits. We started with a discovery phase, where we gathered the needs and requirements of both the sales agents & customers. We captured those in a Customer Journey, which was the basis for the long term vision and the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). 

We configured the SmartView360 OrderBook application, provisioned the catalogue and trained two sales agents to work with the application. They used it in their daily customer and PreSales meetings. During the Pilot, we asked for feedback from both the sales agents & their customers. 

The results were beyond expectation: more efficient sales meetings, higher order values and more sales agent & customer satisfaction. The outcome convinced Shimano Nordics to roll out the solution to the whole region.

The final evaluation of the pilot showed the cost of order halved, a gain in customer ordering during the PreSales phase and enthousiast customers & sales agents who saw the whole process as modern, efficient & fun. 


Shimano's customers spend more

More revenue was generated during the sales meetings, both by customers ordering more products and ordering a more diverse portfolio of products. 

Shimano's customers love them

More customer satisfaction means more loyal and involved customers, more recurring business and a chance to build a more meaningful relationship with your customers

Shimano process is more efficient

The PreSales process is more efficient, administrative load is reduced before, during and after the meeting. The sales agent can spend more time and attention to the customer, servicing him better. 


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