The Smartview360 Platform

Everything you need to do better business!

The SmartView360 platform gives you everything you need to supercharge your sales. From our core application ORDERBOOK, over Media Management in MEDIABOOK and our newest addition MARKETPLACE. Read all about it below or allow us to show it to you and …

The SmartView360 ORDERBOOK

Order Book is a state-of-the-art B2B solution for Digital Representation, pre- & direct ordering, supported by a fully integrated backend with CMS, manageable by the Brand Manager. Easy to use & build up from the customer perspective, facilitating a more customer focused meeting


With our MEDIA MANAGEMENT, brands can support their retailers even better in sales. With just one click, the retailer receives the exact media set for his ordered collection – all within the ORDERBOOK platform. This allows them to quickly and easily prepare sales to end customers and market their orders in the best possible way. A win-win for both brands and buyers. Bye, bye expensive costs for other services. Bye, bye platform change. Bye, bye data chaos.

The SmartView360 WORKBOOK

Use one collection to rule them all. Generate print- or web-ready media rich PDF catalogues, based on your current collection, retailer selection or orders.  Export PDF’s in printer-ready files and save time & money in the process. All from out of the SmartView360 WorkBook Pro.

Smartview360 B2B Connect

Discover our new B2B Connect tool and present yourself to over 25,000 distributors and buyers. Every time you log in, new sales contacts receive a teaser of your latest collections. This allows you to celebrate Fashion-Week anytime and anywhere without any hassle, thus expanding your sales contacts much faster.

Our established brands also use the B2B Connect to trigger dozens of new retailer inquiries every month and sustainably broaden their sales base. Read our success story of Zuitable, who thanks to an innovative fashion line and our B2B Connect tool have managed to sell 1.3 million suits and reach the TOP 5 in retailer popularity within a very short time.

The SmartView360 platform facilitates all parties

with a dedicated tool, tuned to their needs.

Sales Agents

Agents utilize the iPad app on- or offline, for showcasing collections, discussing retail strategy & writing orders together with the retail customer.


Retailers can use the web-based portal to review collections, orders and packages presented on moodboards. They can order directly out of the portal or participate in a remote session with the sales agent. They can use the smartphone app (as of Q1 2020) to ease order intake & stock management, it allows them to access the main functionalities from out of the palm of their hand.

Brand Owners

Brand owners can utilize the Showroom option to virtually present their collection on bigger screens, reducing the need for expensive samples & creating an immersive experience for customers.

With Marketplace, Brand owners can expand their sales network with the click of a button. Using your OrderBook catalogue as an introduction into your brand, retailers can apply to represent your brand directly and online.  


Highlighted Features


You are able to create & present collection highlights, prepare in-app special offers, assemble stock clearance packages on the fly and much more. SmartView360 is all about informing and inspiring your retailer visually. 

Multi Channel Solution

The ORDERBOOK application is cloud-based, this means that you and your customers have the latest view on the information. Orders created are directly visible through all channels. MoodBoards & packages can be created & consulted through all channels.

Remote Selling

The ORDERBOOK solution also facilitates ”remote selling”. The “Remote Selling” feature creates a conference call in which both Sales Agent & Customer can participate.


Real Time Stocklists

SmartView360 has the possibility to incorporate real time stock updates. This way, both sales agents & customers, always have a real time view on product availability, boosting sales in the moment.

Offline access

SmartView360 can be used online and offline to facilitate agents on the road to engage and inspire retailers, even when they have bad or no internet coverage. By downloading the necessary content files in advance, SmartView360 offers a seamless experience, no matter the connectivity available.


WORKBOOK allows the Sales Agent to instantly generate a custom catalogue for the customer, tailored to its needs. The custom catalogue can be shared instantly and contains all the information (pictures & product data) that is available in ORDERBOOK.

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Our Philosophy


SaaS in our dictionary means Solution as a Service in replace to popular meaning Software as a Service. We are using modern technologies to build products that will be simple to use and will be automated from beginning to end. We offer single user interface to hide complicated processes and business logic into integrated solution that will help our users to to archive their most challenging tasks with the most demanding customers.

Mobile first approach

Our products fit into modern world seamlessly. Users can use their iPads to take their whole office with them, make stunning presentation in front of the customers without any hassle or any extra effort. Mobile first means that we focus on responsiveness and the best possible user interface that users will be able to use fast from the first day and what is the most important for us – they will love to use it!

Cloud based solution

In the modern and fast-changing World our solutions based on multiple servers and unique scalable architecture means that we take care on reliability as well. Your data will be securely delivered to all our mobile platforms and it will be available when you need it. Don’t worry about low wifi or internet connection at all – we will store your data directly on iPad so even without internet connection customers will be able to sign an order that will be exported to ERP as soon as internet will be available again. It’s that easy.

Open Integrations

Let’s be honest. We would like you to use our recommended practices and solutions, so we build Standard Data Integration Reference that includes years of our experience and provides the best and universal Electronic Data Exchange process. That’s mean that by adopting this Standard you will be able to start quickly and increase your Sales in no time. For most demanding ERP systems we offer Enterprise connections as well so we are able to import and export data without any limitations.

Automated service

Simple solution that works! That’s all thanks to sophisticated and custom tailored modern software that support ours users with every day tasks. By ensuring, monitoring and improving our services we are able to deliver service that runs 24/7 without users attention. By automating the hard and complicated logic under single click users can present up-to-date products, prices & stocks and even create 200 pages PDF document of the whole collection in less then a minute. A time-consuming task that was completed in days by dozen of people now can be done in mater of minutes by a single click. How amazing is that!


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