How we made MOD sales agents into hero’s

Miracle Of Denim

No better way to convince you of our benefits than to let the customer tell it to you themselves. Miracle of Denim’s Sales Manager Fritz Mantel explains below what it is like to work with SmartView360: 

 Becoming a Smartview360 customer was amazing.

I remember, we was one of the first but the ORDERBOOK was seen by our sales agents and retailers directly as a solution for many problems we had at this time. The agents gave a standing ovation at end of the product presentation on our sales meeting because they recognized that this system was made by colleagues – by people who understand their business and solved so their problems.

The revenue of the ORDERBOOK from retailers (B2B Shop) raised in the first month by 10-15% and end of the year by 30%. Why? because we found out that before a lot of orders was never finished in the old b2b shop, too complicated to use, the retailer not found what he was looking for.

We are happy and looking exciting forward to get the upcoming Smartphone version.

MOD's customers spend more

More revenue was generated during the sales meetings, both by customers ordering more products and ordering a more diverse portfolio of products. 

MOD's customers love them

More customer satisfaction means more loyal and involved customers, more recurring business and a chance to build a more meaningful relationship with your customers

MOD's process is more efficient

The PreSales process is more efficient, administrative load is reduced before, during and after the meeting. The sales agent can spend more time and attention to the customer, servicing him better. 


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