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SMARTorder via Digital Showroom

The solution to present the new collection and
order suggestions to the buyer, even if they are
not visit the tradeshow or showroom.


SmartView360 increases your sales

Performance is all about leaving all focus & dedication, leaving everything that distracts you behind. The SmartView360 ecosystem allows you to do just that: automating administrative tasks and offering you the information & tools you need at the right time – and in the right place.


SmartView360 makes your Sales Team more effective & performant

The use of the ORDERBOOK application ensures that the conversation revolves around products, sales and the customer’s business. By offering a user-friendly, easy way to order, the ORDERBOOK removes all of the administration out of the discussion and makes the process co-creative, productive and fun, both for Sales staff & customer.


SmartView360 makes your customers & sales staff happier

Testimonials have shown us that customers are more happy with the ORDERBOOK driven sales process than with the traditional sales cycle.

Using the ORDERBOOK during sales meetings allows the participants to focus on the business and the catalogue themselves, without having to resort to administrative tasks. This creates an atmosphere of focus and dedication on – both – customer and sales staff side.


SmartView360 lets you & your customers enjoy what you do!

Have fun at your job, and you’ll never work another day in your life! While SmartView360 can’t promise you you’ll love your job, we can do our utmost best to make sure that while doing it, you enjoy it.

We achieve that by making the administrative, repetitive and cumbersome tasks as easy – automated – as possible. The SmartView360 Ecosystem is there to support you doing your job, and not the other way around. From user-friendly interfaces to features that let you perform tasks easier, we strive to make you forget you are using a business tool, but allow you to be passionate about your job and your customers.


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